Hey! I'm Lindsay Sims and I'm excited to help you on your marketing journey. 


I have over 20 years of experience in instruction and instructional design and have been specializing in digital marketing implementation, instruction, training and consulting for the past 10 years.


My most recent educational adventure is becoming the Grow with Google Digital Coach for Cleveland, which means that I get to host live courses on a variety of Grow with Google topics for small business owners across the region.


As an OMCP Certified Trainer, I'm certified to train digital marketers across the entire field of digital marketing. Through my certification training and instruction at Tri-C, I've helped nearly 100% of all certification seeking students attain at least 1 digital marketing certification - and in fact, my students average 3 certifications earned during my training programs.

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Even with all that experience & expertise there are people who won't join our Unlimited Program & get great results because...

  • They don’t have time to learn *how* to do marketing or *what* needs to be done, I just need someone to do it for me

  • They think there’s *no way* you can just be SMART & ETHICAL with marketing - it’s all a scam

  • Some people will even say..."I am too old, young, dumb, smart, my business is too old or young - I don’t sell an easy product - I don’t sell an easy service - my industry doesn’t allow me to do marketing"

I’ve either felt it myself or help someone else overcome each of these issues.


I started doing marketing as a side-gig while I was working on a PhD in Political Science (no, I don’t have a PhD and no, I won’t talk domestic politics with you). I was working as an AmeriCorps VISTA at a Cleveland area non-profit and they needed help with their marketing. 


I didn’t start doing marketing because I got a degree in it or because I understood it - I started because there was a need and I wanted to help fill it. 


As time progressed and I got better and better, more and more people started asking for my help. And in the 10+ years since, I’ve done and seen it all.


I’ve been the person who did the work for small businesses who didn’t have the time to *learn* what to do. Over time, my expertise and experience increased (and so did my rates) and they found keeping me on the team to be unsustainable. Unfortunately...they hadn’t taken the time to *learn* what I was doing and why it was working. And their next team member couldn’t replicate my results.

With over a decade of experience, I’ve NEVER done work that wasn’t ethical - because I didn’t want to compromise myself. And in the rare occurrence when a client wanted to do something sketchy - I always warned against it and reminded them that marketing is basically an instant Karma cycle - what you put out there, comes right back at you. As the parable says, you dig one hole for someone else, you might as well dig two. And I’m not about that type of life at all!


I’ve also had the fortune to work with hundreds of small business owners - people who’ve had business ideas they were just getting off the ground, people who were taking over a business or bought a franchise, people who were being groomed to run a family business, people under 20 and people over 70. All of them were fully capable of pulling together their own marketing plan - with a bit of knowledge and a helping hand. 


Every single one of them.


And that’s what I advocated for - because no one knows your business better than you!


With the Unlimited Access Program, my team and I provide you with the framework, tools and systems you need - and you apply your knowledge of your business, your customers and your industry. Together we make a sustainable, ethical, and actionable plan to market your business.

It all starts right here - with making the decision to join the PRM Unlimited Access program.

The Predictable Results Marketing Unlimited Access Program

Smart Marketing for Small Businesses

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