About Predictable Results Marketing

Where did the PRM come from? PRM was born from a completely overwhelming frustration with the amazing inconsistency of knowledge, skills and abilities of small business owners and freelance digital marketers. 


After being a digital marketing generalist for years, Lindsay Lauren Sims found that there was an ever increasing number of her peers were specialists in “social media” but didn’t have the fundamentals required to integrate social media with email or content marketing. There was also an increasing number of small business owners using social media as if that was literally the only digital marketing channel available to them.

As time progressed...this problem seemed to get worse and worse, to the point where people are now Facebook Ads specialist, but are completely unfamiliar with how to run a successful Facebook organic posting strategy. If you’re not a marketer, that probably doesn’t sound like a problem...but it’s a massive problem for the small businesses unwittingly hiring that type of “specialist”. And...a lot of the small business owners I consult were hiring these people and getting really uneven results.


The solution became clear when someone in workforce development at Cuyahoga County Community College approached Lindsay with this exact problem and asked her if she could develop a course to solve it. 


At that point, it became clear that we needed digital marketing training that was comprehensive but relatively quick and that would teach in a way that anyone taking the class could pass industry recognized certification exams.


From there, Lindsay went to work, finding the set of industry certifications that would prove value to any business, big or small, and developing a curriculum to train everyone from novices to career professionals on the pillars of digital marketing - Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Social Advertising, Search Advertising, Web & Social Analytics, and Conversion Rate Optimization. 


So far the course has helped traditional marketing agencies integrate digital marketing services, career professionals transition from employee to consultant, people with zero marketing experience to understand and develop integrated marketing strategies for their teams and internal business leaders to evaluate the strengths of their team and assign digital marketing efforts to the right people at the right time.

About PRM Workshops

Predictable Results Marketing workshops brings together all aspects of digital marketing, including social media, digital marketing strategy, campaign planning, content development, lead generation and engaging customers via mobile and email campaigns, but simplifies them for real life application and implementation. 

During each of the PRM workshops, you'll develop customized systems to help you get some predictable results from your digital marketing efforts. Each workshop is a real working session. Expect to have an implementation plan and a few steps already started - moving you toward your goals.

About Lindsay Lauren Sims

Lindsay Sims is the Founder & CEO of Predictable Results Marketing, an established small business owner who loves helping other small business owners like her get more predictable results from their marketing. 

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