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Marketing Monday: Getting Started Using Facebook Messenger Ads for Your Location-Based Business

Doing social media ads for location-based businesses pose their own challenges and opportunities.

Specifically, when looking to use Facebook Ads, you should consider what it is you're trying to accomplish and which advertising objective will serve to get you there. There are several objectives to choose from and each of them has different features and benefits for your business.

In this post, we're going to cover a few tips to help you create your own Facebook Messenger Ads for your location-based business.

Why Choose Facebook Messenger Ads?

In a word - Conversations!!

It's more important than ever to start conversations with your audience and Facebook Messenger Ads are meant to start a conversation, with an actual human.

When you're setting up your ad, you'll be allowed to create an automated message that appears after a person clicks the "send a message" button in the ad. want to be careful that you're starting a conversation, not just sending the potential customer through an automated chatbot...which is the most popular recommendation on Facebook Messenger Ads.

As tempting as it is to create a bot conversation, don't do it. Instead, when you're running a Facebook Messenger Ad, be available to chat with people.

Answer their questions, engage with them. It's just such much better experience for the potential customer and paints you in a very human and interactive light.

How to Get Started?

In 2019, I did a Facebook live walking through exactly what to do to get started with Facebook Messenger Ads for a location-based business.

In that video I cover:

  • How to choose a relevant audience

  • How to choose a budget

  • How to do location-based targeting

  • Designing the Facebook Messenger Ad

  • Designing the Facebook Messenger Ad response sequence

Click the image above to watch that walk-through video.

Facebook Messenger Ad Follow-up

One of the best things that Facebook offers is the ability to retarget an audience based on prior interactions with your advertising content.

Retargeting ads are significantly less expensive and more effective than other types of ads. We should all be taking advantage of that fact by running an initial ad sequence, like a location-based targeted Facebook Messenger Ad and then following that up with a retargeting ad campaign that focuses on capturing the attention of people who interacted with your advertisement, but maybe didn't initiate the messenger sequence.

I take the final few minutes of the video above to show how to take advantage of this strategy.

In Conclusion

Please consider giving Facebook Messenger Ads a try.

Just like with any other advertising, you should know what it is you want to accomplish, how you will measure it and also measure whether it actually made a return on your investment (however much or little it is).

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